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Engineering your life

talentOS is a global company focused on talent management and headhunting of specialised Data, Cloud and AI (DCA) profiles. We are the API between companies and tech talent.


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If you are a company developing technology, innovating or going through a digital transformation, you have to get the best Smith agents.

We are your international headhunting partner specialized in IT profiles (Data, Cloud, AI, DevOps).

For years we have been the API between the company and tech talent, facilitating their connection anywhere in the world.

We work as Talent Managers with a vocation of long-term accompaniment and partnership with the candidates.

Schedule a meeting with our team and get to know a new way of sourcing with talentOS Managers.


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If you are a software engineer, why don’t you do life engineering?

You can lose your way in your career by reactively accepting offers. Or we can be your long-term companion and help you in designing your career plan.

We are like the manager of Ibai but in the tech industry. That´s why we are not going to recruit you, we are going to launch you into career stardom.

We speak your language.

Contact us to join a New Era in Professional Projection. We are your Talent Managers to help you with your Life Engineering.

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